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First Forum Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by SorceryNet   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 00:00

February 17th saw SorceryNet starting something new we opened up a new channel and invited the users of the network to come and join us for a discussion about some new ideas and the general future of the network.


The aim of this discussion was to see what people wanted from the network as a whole, are there new services we could offer them with the aim to not just make some positive changes but to try and make the network more attractive to people, to try and bring new users to the network and channels.

The meeting kicked off at 9pm UTC/GMT and began with a thank you going out to the 100 people that showed up before going on to lay out some of the talking points for the night. Before going in to those topics listed however we asked the users if there was anything they could think of offhand that wasn’t covered in the topics already decided, and immediately the channel showed that it was a good idea, a few people brought up the problem of the channel limit on SorceryNet, as it stands clients are limited to 15 channels per connection and some who are big on role play were often hitting this limit and having to connect a second client which made it harder to keep track of everything, they asked for this to be increased and it’s something we thought was a good idea and we promised the channel that we would look in to it and see what we could do to help them.


Following the topic of channel limits was Hostserv, hostserv is a service for providing vanity hostmasks and it’s one of the most requested features over the last 5 years it was before however something we’ve firmly against for a multitude of reasons, not just because it was a vanity and adding load to resources but because in the past it’s been insecure it would have allowed people to circumvent bans and various other problems such as abuse that come with such a service. Due to all these reasons we decided it wasn’t a good idea to introduce it to SorceryNet at the time, however over the last 2 years with improvements to the service and looking at it from different viewpoints we decided it is a service we can now look at offering if the demand is still high for it. So we took it to #Forum and I’m glad to say that the people present approached the subject both excited and wary, asking the questions about security and if it can be abused, what will be our general guidelines, do we have specific rules setup and can people use it to abuse others. While we could answer many of these questions we don’t at this time have general rules set out but by taking on board what was said we can now go away and discuss the broad spectrum of rules and start to look at implementing hostserv in a way that suits our users.


The third discussion of the night was about web hosting, namely would channels be interested in taking advantage of a free webhosting service from SorceryNet this idea was met with both enthusiasm and questions! The biggest question being “free? How free? Is it going to be filled with ads?” the answer to this is 100% free and 0 ads. This is another idea we had floating around the staff team for a number of years now however when we tried to get input before from the network very few people showed up meaning at the time it was gauged as not really needed however upon looking at it again and speaking to channel owners we decided to raise the topic again and see what people thought, the understanding is that yes a lot of channels would take advantage of such a service. The details have still to be worked out and the rules but we’re looking to add such a service just as soon as we can.


The final big topic of the night was a new website and forums. For a while now we’ve been working on the idea of a new site, we’ve never been totally happy with the last one and as I’m sure most of you have noticed it was rarely used/updated we’re looking to change that and change the image of sorcery from a network which is largely active but appears to all as stagnant to a network which is showing how active it is in various mediums, the website is the first step in that direction. Regarding forums we discussed offering individual channel forums like the webhosting or do people want 1 forum for the whole network with sub sections just for channels, which can be hidden from everyone who isn’t part of that group or available for people to take part in. Everyone chose the latter to have a global forum for the network where they could interact on different topics without having to visit different pages.


This marked the end of the main discussion and while the chat went on for a few hours afterwards it was more of a Q&A about the network in general. This marked the start of #Forum and it’s something we hope to continue with the second meeting scheduled for the 24th of February.


At this stage we the staff are taking away the ideas presented to us and the questions raised and we’re going to start working on them to see what we can and cannot do, start laying out rules for different services and make a start to bring the network in to the future.

The log for the meeting can be downloaded <a href="/280213_forumminutes.txt">here</a>.

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