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Application Form SorceryNet IRC Chat Network - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 22:39:53 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Server application form
Server Application For SorceryNet IRC Network


In order to process your application, you must complete each of the following four sections. When complete, mail the document, plus any attachments to

Section 1: Server Information.

1a. Server's geographic location (city,state/country):
1b. Connection (speed) to the Internet:
1c. Backbone(s) connected to:

1d. Fully qualified hostname:
1e. IP address:

1f. Operating system/version:
1g. Number of file descriptors the ircd user is can use:
1h. Processor/speed:
1i. Memory:
1j. Is this a virtualized server:

1k. Other tasks run on this machine:

1l. Intended server name:
1m. Intended listening ports:
1n. Number of clients you will allow:

Section 2: Personal Info.

2a. Admin's real name (Last, First):
2b. Admin's contact phone number:
2c. Admin's E-Mail address:
2d. Admin's nickname on IRC Network:
2e. Does Admin have access to the root account:

2f. Server owner's name (or ISP):
2g. Server owner's phone number:
2h. Server owner's E-Mail address:

Section 3: Free Answer (Use as much space as needed).

1. How long have you been involved with SorceryNet? How long have you been on IRC in general?

2. Why do you feel your server should become part of SorceryNet?

3. Please list any previous IRC Network staff experience you may have.
Please include the network(s) and server(s) that you had this experience on.

4. What IRCops do you have in mind? Please tell us a little about them
and make sure to include any past IRCop experience they may have had as
well as why you chose them.

5. How much active time would you estimate you will be able to dedicate
to this network per week? This means actually paying attention to IRC;
idling does not count.

6. What kind of duties and obligations do you feel you should have as a
Server Admin, in regards to other network staff and the userbase as a whole?

7. Do you have anything you would like to add that you haven't yet been
able to tell us? If so, please describe.

Section 4: Supplementary Files

Please attach to this application 1 traceroute and 2 sets of ping
results from your machine to each of the current SorceryNet client
servers and hubs. Note that you will need to speak to admins of the
current dedicated hubs to get an IP/hostname to traceroute to, as the
* names of our dedicated hubs are redirected to the pools.

The traceroute may be done at any time of day. For the pings, you should
use 100 1024 byte packets (ping -s 1024 -c 100). To give a valid
overview of your connectivity to our other servers, the pings should be
done at two different times of day, within an hour of 12pm GMT, 8pm GMT,
or 2am GMT.

When you submit your application, please be sure that you have 1
traceroute and 2 ping set to each server. Please collect the results and
send them all at once. Please also include ONLY the summary results for
pings (ping -q). Applications without all of this information will not
be accepted. Applications which contain icmp_seq's will not be processed
until they are removed.

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