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Full steam ahead, updates! Print
Written by SorceryNet   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00

Hello all,

Yesterday (13th Nov) we successfully completed our last IRCd upgrade necessary to underpin our new services upgrade.

Our new services upgrade will happen tomorrow (15th of November) in the morning UK time so to impact the least amount of people on the network. It is hoped that we will be able to preserve currently identified users so we should not have a problem with mass identifying straight after the upgrade.

This upgrade is necessary to allow us to expand into the features and functionality you guys are asking for such as vhosts, and a more flexible channel access system.

Once we're updated please take note of some command syntax changes by checking:

ChanServ - /cs help

NickServ - /ns help

MemoServ - /ns help

BotServ - /bs help

GameServ - /gs help

HostServ - /hs help


Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to unfold new functionality and your input in #square is always welcome.


EDIT - 15th Nov - The services upgrade has been completed successfully.

vHosts (Vanity Hosts)


Users may wish to request a vhost (vanity host) which replaces their cloaked ISP assigned hostmask/IP whilst on SorceryNet.


- All vanity hosts will need to be approved by a member of staff through HostServ.

- Vanity hosts can not end in a common TLD (like .com, .net, .org etc), with the exception of:

* domains owned by the user (which will require proof of ownership).

* domains owned by the founder of a channel (which will require proof of ownership), after permission of said founder.

- Abusive or inflammatory vhosts will be denied without question, anything mentioning a nick/person will be denied.

- Brand names will be denied.


You can request a vhost by using HostServ with the command REQUEST e.g. /hs request myvhost.yay


If you have anyone using a vhost to evade a ban on your channel you can /whois nick nick to get their cloaked ISP assigned IP/hostmask (note, this is cloaked so safe) and ban this so the user using ANY vhost will be unable to join your channel.


Channel ownership

A small number of channels (less than 100) which did not have a founder assigned will be unmanageable now as we have removed channel ownership passwords in place of linking channels to nicknames. If you find that you can no longer /cs identify to your channel you may contact us in #square and let us know which channel you previously managed. We will verify each request individually against the old log files to validate your request and then transfer the channel into your nick as founder.



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