SorceryNet was formed in late 1996 when a couple of servers split from DALnet to form their own network. Their goal was to provide the public with a stable network and helpful staff to make chatting as easy as possible with as little interruption as possible. On the administrative level, SorceryNet was based on the principle that the administrators would each have an equal vote in decisions concerning the network. No single person would ever own the network.

Over time SorceryNet has evolved from the previous Charter used to govern the network to a more team based outlook, we still talk and decide as a team the best way forward but removed a lot of the red tape in order to get things done, this has led us to keep the network as a whole forward thinking, even though the website has lagged behind and been largely unloved, we’re hoping to change that to better the network for all it’s users.

We will always strive to do right by our users, and hope that they know they’re appreciated! we do this for them.


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