Hi All,

Thanks for your patience while we threw together a new website quickly, truth be told we’ve hummed and haw’d over a new website for years, there’s been a great desire for one, but never enough time/drive to actually put in the work, we all have lives outside of IRC sadly and it means we prioritise the work we can do, over the last few years this has been on the network itself, updating servers and improving the IRCd that runs SorceryNet.

Now however with the introduction of GDPR we made some rather sweeping changes, if anyone is so inclined you can see our privacy policy here.

We have removed the old mailing lists so no information is retained on them, and we’re not going to bring them back, over the last 5 years they’ve not been touched so we decided it’s time to retire them.

More changes will be coming so please keep checking back and as always please join #square if you need any help.

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