Connecting to SorceryNET:

Welcome!  To start chatting immediately, click on the webchat,

You can also connect to SorceryNET with any standard IRC client, using the following information.  It is recommended to use the preferred settings of with ssl at port 6697.  The set of servers returned by this is kept current as servers change or undergo routine maintenance.  The alternates are provided to help you overcome any connection problems you might have on your end:

  • Server (prefered):
    • US server list:
    • EU server list:
  • Port (preferred, with ssl):  6697
    • Alternate (with ssl):  9999
  • Port (unencrypted):  6667
    • Alternates (unencrypted):  6660-6666, 6668-6669, 24682

Note:  While it is possible to connect directly to individual ip addresses or servers from the server list, this is not reliable since individual servers may be taken down as-needed without external notice other than updating the primary dns listing.

Getting Help:

We are a welcoming supportive-community network.  If you or someone you know is having trouble getting started or using SorceryNET, please join us in the main network channel #square to say hi or ask for help.

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