Connection Information

Connecting to SorceryNET: Welcome!  To start chatting immediately, click on the webchat, https://webchat.sorcery.net You can also connect to SorceryNET with any standard IRC client, using the following information.  It is recommended to use the preferred settings of irc.sorcery.net with ssl at port 6697.  The set of servers returned by this Read more…


Server List

The Hubs: Rivendell – UK Warlock – America User Servers: Europe: circe – London gaia – Paris Themis – Berlin North America: Aesir – New York Ember – San Francisco Paranor – Charlotte



Services is a pseudo-server that handles certain administrative duties and allows interaction with the users by means of a few special nicknames. By talking to NickServ or ChanServ for example, you can register your nickname or channel. Services will then watch for other people trying to use it and enforce Read more…


Network Rules

To make everyone’s stay a pleasant one, there need to be some rules. We expect our users to behave accordingly, so please take a moment to read them. No harassment of other users or channels This should go without saying, but anything with the purpose of annoying others is not Read more…